Crystals and Gemstones

Connect with nature's beauty and find your perfect piece of the earth with a crystal and or gemstone(s) that calls to your heart!
Aromatherapy and Incense

We offer Young Living Oils, a therapeutic grade of essential oils, aromatherapy necklaces and bracelets. We have experts on staff to help you learn in the healing power of essential oils along with classes to teach you how to make some everyday products that are better for the environment and more importantly, for your health. We carry a variety of incense along with incense holders.

Chakra Essentials

Chakra sprays and oils, singing bowls, bath salts, balms and crystals....let your healing begin!

Clothes, Tapestries & Scrolls

Beautify you space with one of Tapestries or scrolls, some with inspirational design and sayings. Then choose something comfortable to wear from our exclusive selection of clothing.

Singing Bowls and other instruments

Bathe in the healing energy of sound, from the soothing sounds of the spa music and the fountains in our zen the many sound options we offer for purchase. Hand-pounded Tibetan singing bowls, rattles to chimes and more.

Envy Pillow - The next generation of pillow

Anti-Aging thought leaders have been saying for years, "Sleep on our back to avoid wrinkles." Wellness thought leaders have been saying for years, "Sleep on your back for spinal healthy...with proper spinal support." But what if you're a side sleeper? As two Registered Nurses with a mutual experience and interest in Anti-Aging Medicine and Preventive health we set out to create the solution!

The envy pillow - a new, made in Canada product designed with two objectives: to wake up feeling good and looking good. This unique Anti-Aging/Wellness pillow prevents sleep lines and promotes optimum wellness and comfort by providing proper head, neck as well as spinal support...whether you are a back sleeper or a side sleep! Let EnVy keep you off your face and in proper neck alignment. We truly believe everyone who owns EnVy, will love it...and anyone who doesn't will want to...and that's how EnVy was born!

EnVy Pillow's Target Market.....anyone who sleeps!!


We have an excellent selection at the spa, come in and see these amazing pillows or check out